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  1. But these are minor, and correctible, flaws.
  2. But such slow reactions may not be correctible in the future, he warned.
  3. We are still too far from achievable riches and too close to correctible poverty.
  4. But it is a thing easily correctible.
  5. So, it strikes me as correctible when I see " they wrote softwares " or " it is a software ".
  6. Candidates are identified in childhood, and conscripted into the Explorers; even if their deficiencies are easily correctible, they are left untreated.
  7. The dealer-correctible flaw didn't prevent the cruise control from working but did provoke some laughter from people intrigued by the Sportage.
  8. The Court, with John Marshall as Chief Justice, found firstly that Madison's refusal to deliver the commission was both illegal and correctible.
  9. The Yankees said Cone's aneurysm _ a swelling of an artery because of a weakness in its wall _ is " correctible ."
  10. Despite these shortfalls _ each correctible within a couple of months if not weeks _ the state authority recommended to the FCC that it approve Bell Atlantic's application.


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