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  1. He was sporting director of Cristian Ledesma.
  2. Argentine midfielder Cristian Ledesma put Lecce in front again in the 56th when Perugia's defense failed to challenge him.
  3. Baronio failed however, to seal a place in the national team, missing the Cristian Ledesma filling the void left by Fabio Liverani.
  4. River Plate : Franco Costanzo, Ariel Franco, Pedro Sarabia, Martin Demicheli, Ricardo Rojas, Marcelo Escudero, Cristian Ledesma, Victor Zapata, Damian Alvarez, Nelson Cuevas, Adrian Romero.
  5. Three minutes later, Fernando Cavenaghi's scissor-kick from ten meters ( 11 yards ) out landed just off target and sixty seconds later, Velazquez parried Cristian Ledesma's drive wide.
  6. Vitali scissor-kicked Bedoya's cross over the bar in the 63rd minute, while River's Cristian Ledesma flashed a 25-meter ( 83-foot ) shot wide of the goal soon after.
  7. River Plate : Angel Comizzo, Celso Ayala, Ariel Garce, Ricardo Rojas, Cristian Ledesma, Esteban Cambiasso, Eduardo Coudet, Victor Zapata, Andres D'Alessandro, Alejandro Dominguez ( Ariel Ortega ) and Fernando Cavenaghi.
  8. Zdenek Zeman's side capitalized on some creative play to score goals by Cristian Ledesma, Samuele Della Bona and Valeri Bojinov and led 3-0 by the 31st minute at Via del Mare stadium.
  9. RIVER : Angel Comizzo, Ariel Garce, Celso Ayala, Ricardo Rojas, Eduardo Coudet ( Daniel Fonseca, 65 ), Claudio Husain, Cristian Ledesma, Esteban Cambiasso, Andres D'Alessandro, Ariel Ortega ( Juan Esnaider, 45 ), Fernando Cavenaghi.
  10. River were reduced to ten men in the 84th minute when Cristian Ledesma was dismissed, but the home side almost had the last laugh when Ortega raced through on goal, only to see his curling shot neatly caught by Lucchetti.


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