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  1. Sebastian Giovinco and Cristian Zaccardo both went off with injuries during the match.
  2. At half time, coach Felix Magath substituted him for Cristian Zaccardo.
  3. Bologna had one first-half goal by defender Cristian Zaccardo disallowed following a questionable referee decision.
  4. Defender Cristian Zaccardo and midfielder Renato Olive added two goals for Bologna in the closing minutes.
  5. Parma ran out 3 0 winners Ludogorets with Cristian Zaccardo, Borini and Sebastian Giovinco all on the scoresheet.
  6. Referee Gianluca Paparesta awarded the penalty when Bologna defender Cristian Zaccardo appeared to take down Juventus'Gianluca Zambrotta from behind.
  7. Referee Gianluca Paparesta awarded the penalty to Juventus when Bologna defender Cristian Zaccardo appeared to take down Zambrotta from behind.
  8. Bologna defender Cristian Zaccardo was called for taking down Juventus'Gianluca Zambrotta from behind in a play that seemed an obvious penalty.
  9. Lazio's Yugoslav forward Dejan Stankovic was ejected in the 66th minute opening the way for Cristian Zaccardo's tying goal 10 minutes later.
  10. This prompted Milan to sell the player to Parma F . C . in January 2013, in a cashless swap with Cristian Zaccardo.


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