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  1. Alex Birtwistle, who is heading the army operation in Cumbria.
  2. In reprisal, William sent Gospatric to raid Scotland through Cumbria.
  3. Most Carlisle and Cumbria citizens attached no credibility to this notion.
  4. Stainmore, previously in Westmorland ( Cumbria ) until the Carlisle.
  5. He attended Bowness Elementary School and Windermere Grammar School in Cumbria.
  6. Another junior branch have their seat at Levens Hall, Cumbria.
  7. It keeps moving south into a sparsely populated area of Cumbria.
  8. Examples of the second category are Hereford and Worcester and Cumbria.
  9. Administratively it has now joined Westmorland as part of modern Cumbria.


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