cut the rope的中文翻譯

發音:   用"cut the rope"造句
  • cut:    cut back 稀釋瀝青 cut ...
  • cut:    cut back稀釋瀝青cut of ...
  • the cut:    切膚之歌


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  1. After he cuts the rope, he sinks with the canoe.
  2. He said he had not determined which inmate had cut the rope.
  3. To protect ourselves, we cut the ropes tied to the nets,
  4. Steve cuts the rope, causing Thorkel to plunge to his death.
  5. Davis finds him and cuts the ropes, freeing the unconscious man.
  6. He cuts the rope and gets bhetala on his back.
  7. Alejandro takes the lead and tells his team to cut the ropes.
  8. Batman advances on his nemesis, causing Joker to cut the rope.
  9. A boarding party is sent to cut the rope.
  10. Once the waters rose, they would cut the ropes and float away.


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