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  1. From Damghan, Abdal-Latif Mirza went to Bistam.
  2. Damghan shines like a bezel in the desert region.
  3. Dibaj is located north of Damghan, in the heart of the Alborz mountains.
  4. In February 1769, Karim Khan appointed Hosayn Qoli Khan as the governor of Damghan.
  5. In the " Kumesh and Damghan.
  6. It is situated along the Mazandaran road, and is the main town in northern Damghan County.
  7. He first drove the Ghuzz out of Nishapur, Tus, Damghan, and several other cities.
  8. When Abdal-Latif Mirza reached Damghan, the prefect sealed the city and showed his opposition.
  9. Rukn al-Dawla shortly sent Abu Mansur to Damghan in order to protect Ray from an Samanid invasion.
  10. During the Abbasid era, it was the second largest town ( following Damghan ) in the Qomis province.


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