dami im的中文翻譯

發音:   用"dami im"造句
  • im:    im 肌肉注射
  • im:    im肌肉注射
  • damião:    達米昂


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  1. Dami Im was joined by two off-stage backing vocalists : Runaway ".
  2. Dami Im performed a repeat of her semi-final performance during the final on 14 May.
  3. Dami Im, the 2013 winner of the Australian version of " Australia, and was certified Platinum.
  4. That's twice as many as the winner of the series they appeared with ( Dami Im ).
  5. Dami Im finished the performance standing on the stage with a wind machine and the stage displaying blue light effects.
  6. The Australian performance featured Dami Im performing in a white dress with crystals on the top half designed by Australian designer Steven Khalil.
  7. In November 2013, she embarked on The X Factor Live Tour across Australia with Third Degree, Taylor Henderson, Dami Im and Jai Waetford.
  8. Dami Im covered the Houston-inspired version on 1 September 2013 during Week 3, Top 10 Hits Themed Round of the Australian Charts and was certified platinum.
  9. Matt Gresham had originally been put through to Home Visits in the Over 24s category but decided he could not commit to the competition and was replaced by Dami Im.
  10. Dami Im began her performance on top of a large blue box surrounded by transparent hologram screens which displayed a nighttime city skyline, robotic imagery and pictures of faces.


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