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  • green:    音標:[grin] n.m (高爾夫 ...
  • green:    音標:[grin]n.m (高爾夫) ...
  • damian collins:    達米安·科林斯


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  1. SALINA RATTLERS _ Released F Quennon Echols and G Damian Green.
  2. Damian Green, education spokesman for the opposition Conservative Party, said the panels should be scrapped.
  3. The then Shadow Education Secretary Damian Green accused the government of trying to " fiddle admissions for political ends ".
  4. Conservative lawmaker Damian Green accused Dobson and his supporters of trying to make education " less diverse and worse ."
  5. Conservative education spokesman Damian Green said he had " every confidence that the parliamentary commissioner will clear Iain absolutely ."
  6. When Conservative MP Damian Green was arrested in his Commons office, Smith stated that she was not informed of the impending arrest.
  7. According to Damian Green MP, by 2007 the system had been implemented 74 times in the 20 years after it was first introduced.
  8. In April 2014, Home Office minister Damian Green addressed the NSPCC child safety conference about the government s work to stamp out online sexual exploitation.
  9. In December 2008, Marshall-Andrews became the first Labour MP to publicly call for the resignation of Speaker Michael Martin over the arrest of Damian Green.
  10. Further questions about the validity of the Doctrine arose in November 2008 after the home and Parliamentary offices of Damian Green MP were searched by the Metropolitan Police.


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