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  1. Damian Jones, a special assistant for the department, said Kaiser had 18 months to comply.
  2. Spotted at her showcase by British film producer Damian Jones, she then signed to acting agent Nicki van Gelder.
  3. There are big promises of high rates of return for investors, " said Damian Jones, spokesman for the Department of Corporations.
  4. "Welcome to Sarajevo " is a Channel Four and Miramax Film co-production, produced by Graham Broadbent and Damian Jones.
  5. The story focuses on El Cid Rivera ( Damian Jones ), 33, a Manhattan layabout, and his friends who hang out in a downtown bar spinning their fantasies and letting the days roll by.
  6. But, on the very next play, Mercer gave the ball right back, as John Russ threw a pick of his own, caught by Damian Jones and returned to the 26-yard line.
  7. This was not of course the political dimension that Winterbottom had in mind when the British producers Graham Broadbent and Damian Jones first approached him three years ago with a screenplay based on " Natasha's Story ."
  8. Written and directed by Sara Sugarman; director of photography, Barry Ackroyd; edited by Robin Sales; music by Stephen Warbeck; production designer, Alice Normington; produced by Graham Broadbent and Damian Jones; released by Empire Pictures.
  9. Written and directed by Vondie Curtis Hall; director of photography, Bill Pope; edited by Christopher Koefoed; music by Stewart Copeland; production designer, Dan Bishop; produced by Damian Jones, Paul Webster and Erica Huggins; released by Gramercy Pictures.
  10. Written, directed and edited by Gregg Araki; director of photography, Jim Fealy; music by Daniel Licht; production designer, Patti Podesta; produced by Damian Jones, Graham Broadbent and Araki; released by the Samuel Goldwyn Co . Running time : 93 minutes.


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