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  • 羈押 (短片)


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  1. Australia has adopted tough measures against asylum seekers, including detainment.
  2. Public drunkenness garners a $ 65 fine and detainment until sober.
  3. During their detainment, they were offered whale meat for dinner.
  4. This included arbitrary arrests, threats, detainment, and beatings.
  5. When Monica retold her story about her detainment at the Ritz Carlton,
  6. Her approach is reminiscent of another online art site dealing with detainment.
  7. The State Department has protested that detainment, Wolf said.
  8. But my detainment is ( illegal ), " he said.
  9. North Korean officials denounced the detainment as politically motivated harassment.
  10. The trucks were delayed from moving to the detainment area for hours.


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