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  1. During this time, he married Maria Theresia Gr鋐in von Dietrichstein.
  2. The original single-tower facade was reconstructed by Leopold Dietrichstein.
  3. However, the lords of Dietrichstein Castle in Carinthia.
  4. On 22 December 1607 he received the minor orders from Cardinal Franz von Dietrichstein.
  5. She was an orphan and had been adopted by Prince von Dietrichstein, Thalberg's father.
  6. The present castle is the result of a reconstruction in 1719 1730 under the princes of Dietrichstein.
  7. Cardinal Dietrichstein invited the Pious Schools to come to Moravia, which is now part of the Czech Republic.
  8. Franz began his career in 1771 as a gardener to Prince Leopold of Dietrichstein in Seelowitz ( Moravia ).
  9. Walther Franz inherited the title of Prince of Dietrichstein after the death of his brother on 13 July 1708.
  10. Since them, the full name of the family was " Dietrichstein-Proskau-Leslie ".


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