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  • 雙零拱門
  • double:    音標:[dubl] 動詞變位提示:d ...
  • the arch:    凱旋門 (香港)
  • double:    音標:[dubl]動詞變位提示:do ...


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  1. The double arch spans cross the four U . S . Soo Locks.
  2. It, in effect, doubled Arch overnight.
  3. Double Arch was formed differently from most of the arches in Arches National Park.
  4. The central courtyard is surrounded by double arches supported by columns of smooth shafts.
  5. In each gallery, double column pillars with lanceolate capitals support a double arches vault.
  6. The main facade with portico with interrupted lintel includes a double arch with simple frontispiece.
  7. The portal of the chapel has a monumental effect with double arches resting on huge Corinthian pilasters.
  8. The church is distinguished for its triple bellcote, consisting of a single arch above double arches.
  9. A spacious hall runs the depth of the house with a large double arch dividing it equally.
  10. The double arch is the only one of the five surviving bridges that can be glimpsed from a road.


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