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發音:   用"dragon slayer"造句
屠龍劍 (游戲)


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  1. The Dream Team had made dragon slayers of everyone big and small.
  2. On October 23, Dragon Slayer driver Kreg Christensen was named as the replacement.
  3. In the Nibelungenlied ( see also Nibelung ) the dragon slayer Hagen of Tronje.
  4. Their largest icon is St . George, the dragon slayer.
  5. The dragon slayers were second-place Coria CF, a team from a town near Seville.
  6. Quaid is a 10th-century dragon slayer who's intent on killing the last dragon on Earth.
  7. But what turns a sword into a dragon slayer?
  8. That's how I see myself, as a dragon slayer.
  9. The sculpture-- called " Dragon Slayer "-- shows a maiden in distress and a dragon.
  10. Eliot Spitzer, Wall Street's dragon slayer, has finally prevailed.


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