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發音:   用"dream chaser"造句


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  1. Downmass would only be provided via the Dream Chaser spaceplane itself.
  2. The name " Dream Chaser " has been used for two separate space vehicles.
  3. Rope was also an indispensable tool for generations of dream chasers who became Arizonans.
  4. Other competitors include the SpaceShipTwo, Lynx and Dream Chaser.
  5. As actors, writers, directors, we are all dream chasers.
  6. He was a dream chaser from an early age.
  7. The proposed cargo Dream Chaser included an additional expendable cargo module for uplift and trash disposal.
  8. On July 11, 2012 SNC announced that it successfully completed testing of the nose landing gear for Dream Chaser.
  9. For the CCDev phase 2 solicitation by NASA in October 2010, Sierra Nevada proposed extensions of Dream Chaser spaceplane technology.
  10. "I'm a dream chaser,"


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