dream home的中文翻譯

發音:   用"dream home"造句
  • dream:    夢幻
  • home:    home cinémd 家庭影院 h ...
  • the-dream:    The-Dream (藝人)


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  1. The winner wins the Dream Home they constructed, including all the furnishings.
  2. We were planning to move to a dream home in Elbow Valley.
  3. In 2011, it released the Asian slasher movie " Dream Home ".
  4. And about the same time, people started building their dream homes there.
  5. Soon after moving into their dream home, they noticed an odd odor.
  6. Over the summer she decided to put her dream home on the market.
  7. At first glance, it looked like a family's country dream home.
  8. Emma is disappointed, but vows to make the house into her dream home.
  9. That may be so given the dream home's $ 889, 000 price tag.
  10. Golfball-sized volcanic rocks pepper their dream home, which is powered by a generator.


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