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  1. "' Betzel Cove "'is a cove in Wylie Bay, located east-northeast of Dream Island.
  2. It gained international fame as a dream island full of lush tropical jungles, elaborately carved temples and dramatic volcanic scenery.
  3. Competition addict Robert dreams of winning a holiday for his family to a dream island, which turns out to be Isle Of Man.
  4. The greenhouse was established in 1988 in Yumenoshima ( " Dream Island " ) Park, a reclaimed landfill and dumping ground in Tokyo Bay.
  5. The cause of this was his being abandoned by his parents, who left him to fend for himself amongst the mountains of garbage on Dream Island.
  6. "' Dream Island "'is an island lying south-east of Cape Monaco, off the south-west coast of Anvers Island in Wylie Bay, in the Palmer Archipelago of Antarctica.
  7. He is the writer and illustrator of several books including " The Parade to Paradise ", " How to See Fairies ", and " Sketches from the Dream Island of Birds ".
  8. Some of these tracks are re-worked classic Wailers tracks ( e . g . " Dreamland "  a cover of El Tempos'" My Dream Island " with slightly reworked lyrics that became Bunny's signature song.
  9. The first episode begins on a place called Garbage Island ( " " gomi no shima " ", an analogue to Japan's own " Dream Island " or " yume no shima " found in Tokyo Bay ) and speaks about ecology and the environment.


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