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  1. She is also a member of Japanese pop group Dream Morning Musume.
  2. It is the first movie produced by Tsunku, and it stars the Dream Morning Musume member Rika Ishikawa.
  3. is a Japanese singer and actress, a former member of Morning Musume, and currently a member of Dream Morning Musume.
  4. During the announcement of the formation of Dream Morning Musume, Tsuji Nozomi was also planned to be included in the group.
  5. In 2010, it was announced Iida Kaori would join the group " Dream Morning Musume " alongside other former Morning Musume members.
  6. On September 24, 2011, Dream Morning Musume started its first nationwide concert tour, although Miki Fujimoto was absent on maternity leave.
  7. is the first single by the Japanese female pop group Dream Morning Musume, released in Japan on February 15, 2012 on the Zetima label.
  8. On March 10, 2012, Goto joined Japanese pop group Dream Morning Musume and former band mates Aya Ishiguro and Nozomi Tsuji as special guests for a concert in Budokan.
  9. Project along with the rest of Elder Club on March 31, 2009 . Ishikawa joined the newly formed group, " Dream Morning Musume " in 2010 alongside other former Morning Musume members.
  10. On February 23, 2012 it was announced that she will make a guest appearance at Dream Morning Musume's last live at Nippon Bukudan with Nozomi Tsuji and Maki Goto after 12 years


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