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  1. In 1994, Atkinson received the EFF Pioneer Award for his contributions.
  2. Sohn is an EFF Pioneer Award winner.
  3. He was posthumously awarded the The Liberty Lifetime Achievement Award ( 2015 ) and EFF Pioneer Award ( 2015 ).
  4. In September 2012, The Tor Project received the 2012 EFF Pioneer Award, along with J閞閙ie Zimmermann and Andrew Huang.
  5. Borg received the EFF Pioneer Award from the Electronic Frontier Foundation and was recognized by the Girl Scouts of the USA, as well as listed on Open Computing Magazine's Top 100 Women In Computing.
  6. The EFF Pioneer Awards are awarded annually to recognize individuals who in its opinion are " leaders who are extending freedom and innovation on the electronic frontier . " In 2009, the honorees were Limor Fried, Harri Hursti, and Carl Malamud.


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