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  • 技師靴


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  1. Whereas engineer boots have a rounded toe, harness boots typically have a square toe.
  2. They also wore black steel-toed engineer boots and their hair slicked back in greasy duck tails.
  3. Harness boots are very similar to engineer boots.
  4. Once neatly dressed in ties, they started wearing engineer boots, black jeans and T-shirts reading " Eternal Hatred ."
  5. While Ted's pocket protector and briefcase proclaimed his nerdiness, Tripton's engineer boots, jeans and leather labeled him a greaser.
  6. Some manufacturers replace these straps with an adjustable leather strap located on the outside top of the shafts, similar to engineer boots.
  7. Many contemporary rockers still wear engineer boots or full-length motorcycle boots, but Winklepickers ( sharp pointed shoes ) are no longer common.
  8. "' Engineer boots "', also known as "'engineer's boots "', are one of many styles of leather boots; this type of footwear is often worn by motorcycle riders.
  9. On the overall basis, engineer boots were subverted in the shoe market during World War II by the production of lace-up combat boots and demand dramatically decreased for them.
  10. Tommy Hilfiger even had one guy dressed in a midruff-baring tight T-shirt ( all the better to see his quilted tummy ), a kilt in the Hilfiger tartan and knee-high engineer boots.


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