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  • 恩維加多


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  1. Envigado is also the hometown of the Colombian philosopher Fernando Gonz醠ez.
  2. It was held in Envigado and Itag, Antioquia, Colombia.
  3. It is manufactured in Envigado at the Renault SOFASA factory.
  4. It is named after the city where it is located, Envigado.
  5. He was on loan to Envigado in January 2007.
  6. The Carrefour in Envigado is near this stop, on Las Vegas Avenue.
  7. He started his career with Envigado F鷗bol Club.
  8. The Renault Duster is assembled in Envigado since 2012
  9. Home Museum in Envigado as a national patrimony.
  10. He is from Envigado, Antioquia, Colombia.


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