environmental and energy study institute的中文翻譯

發音:   用"environmental and energy study institute"造句
  • 環境和能源研究所


  1. The Environmental and Energy Study Institute ( EESI ) is a non-profit energy efficiency.
  2. Washington : Environmental and Energy Study Institute holds a conference, " A Workable Climate Policy : Perspectives from Countries with Economies in Transition ."
  3. Bierbaum is a trustee of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research ( UCAR ); and a board member for the Federation of American Scientists, The Energy Foundation, the Gordon E . and Betty I . Moore Foundation and the Environmental and Energy Study Institute.
  4. "This does not make sense, " especially in light of the accord, reached in Kyoto, Japan, yesterday, committing the U . S . to reducing greenhouse-gas emissions by 7 percent by 2012, said Carol Werner, director of the energy and climate program for the Environmental and Energy Study Institute.


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