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  • équinoxial
    adj. 晝夜平分(時)的,二分點的,春分或秋分的



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  1. In 1857, it was reported that Valz had undertaken the publication of equinoxial charts, to be drawn up by Laurent.
  2. The equinoxial charts in question indicate the author as " J . Laurent " " ( see image ) " and this is also indicated in a library catalog.
  3. When Valz reported the discovery of Nemausa in a letter to the " Comptes rendus hebdomadaires des s閍nces de l'Acad閙ie des Sciences ", he cited this as the " first success " of these equinoxial charts.
  4. Supplication for a new navigation, permission to seek rich and unknown lands, to discover and annex all or any lands, islands, and countries beyond the Equinoxial, or where the Pole Antarctic hath any elevation above the horizon, such lands not being already possessed by any other Christian Prince.
  5. Depending on which time-zone you live in, the 24 hour " day " starts at a different moment in time . . . so the degree of " equinoxial perfection " depends on your longitude ( how far east or west you are ) because that alters what time during the 24 hour day that the instant of axial / orbital alignment happened.
  6. :: : If you're at the right longitude / time-zone to get a pretty decent approximation to perfectly equal day / night durations-then moving south or north should allow you to adjust those times to absolute perfection . . . which leads me to believe that at any point along some complicated arc that jumps at every time zone boundary there is a perfect equinoxial balance.


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