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發音:   用"gas city"造句
蓋斯城 (印地安納州)


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  1. Muborak is currently an important oil and gas city in independent Uzbekistan.
  2. Other cities across northern Indiana also grew, including Gas City.
  3. The Flyers last game of the 1920 season was against the Gas City Tigers.
  4. Because of these reserves, the city is known as " The Gas City ".
  5. Medicine Hat is known as " The Gas City " because of it's reserves of natural gas.
  6. "We don't see an end in sight, " said Paul Torstrick, vice president of Gas City Petroleum Products.
  7. The company also owns 29 natural gas city gate stations at locations that link with various interstate pipelines.
  8. A Kennesaw, GA city ordinance requires that all homeowners own a firearm and ammunition ( Sec 34-1a ).
  9. The Gas City High School, Thompson-Ray House, and West Ward School are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
  10. In 1892 Gas City had a population of 150, but two years later its population had increased to 25, 000.


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