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  1. Hajime Tanabe succeeded him until the mid-1930s.
  2. He studied Western philosophy under Hajime Tanabe.
  3. According to James Heisig, the name " Kyoto School " was first used in 1932 by a student of Nishida and Hajime Tanabe.
  4. Japanese Buddhist philosophy was heavily influenced by the work of the Kyoto School which included Kitaro Nishida, Keiji Nishitani, Hajime Tanabe and Masao Abe.
  5. He studied the works of Kitaro Nishida, of his teacher Tetsuro Watsuji, of Kiyoshi Miki and of Hajime Tanabe; he also took into consideration Eastern meditation practices such as Jungian approach.
  6. Hajime Tanabe bears the greatest brunt of the criticism for bringing his work on the " Logic of Species " into Japanese politics, which was used to buttress the militarist project to formulate imperialist ideology and propaganda.
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  8. While at Busen, Abbe also enrolled in Hajime Tanabe's philosophy class at Kyoto University ( then known as Kyoto Teikoku Daigaku, or'Kyoto Imperial University') . and she would continue practicing that art for the rest of her life.
  9. Ozaki, Makoto, " Individuum, Society, Humankind : The Triadic Logic of Species According to Hajime Tanabe " ( Brill's Japanese Studies Library ), Brill Academic Publishers ( April 2001 ), ISBN 90-04-12118-8, ISBN 978-90-04-12118-8.
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