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  1. It is the longest arm that branches off of the Hardangerfjord.
  2. The shores of the Hardangerfjord are steep and rocky.
  3. It is located along the Hardangerfjord about east of the municipal centre of Norheimsund.
  4. She later married Anders Matsen ?nes and lived at ?nes in the Hardangerfjord in Norway.
  5. Granvin is a port on the Hardangerfjord and was the center for freight transport in Hardanger.
  6. Norway's third largest glacier is found on the Folgefonna peninsula, along of the Hardangerfjord.
  7. The sailing height means that the largest cruise ships can't reach the inner Hardangerfjord anymore.
  8. The village is located on the northern side of the Hardangerfjord, about from the city of Bergen.
  9. The village sits at the end of the Ulvikafjorden, a side arm off of the main Hardangerfjord.
  10. The line connected to the Bergen Line in Voss, and ran to the Hardangerfjord and the district of Hardanger.


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