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  1. Under fire from Hearts of Oak becoming an artillery company thereafter.
  2. On 14 November 2012, he returned to his country and Hearts of Oak.
  3. Damba is the goalkeeping coach for Accra Hearts of Oak SC.
  4. He has been the go-to-man for the two coaches of Accra Hearts of Oak.
  5. He was also president of the Hearts of Oak Benefit Society for many years.
  6. The " Heart of oak " is the strongest central wood of the tree.
  7. He also composed the British and Canadian Naval March " Heart of Oak ".
  8. The "'First Capital Plus Bank Premier League "'is the top professional football Hearts of Oak.
  9. Hearts of Oak captain Jacob Nettey apologized to the nation and expressed condolences to the victims'families.
  10. The phrase " hearts of oak " appears in English translations of the " Aeneid ."


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