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希格登 (阿肯色州)


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  1. Higden was a Yorkshireman, and a member of the Middle Temple.
  2. Mrs Higden minds children for a living, assisted by a foundling known as Sloppy.
  3. When Lizzie Hexam finds Mrs Higden dying, she meets the Boffins and Bella Wilfer.
  4. Ralph Higden in his " Polychronicon " emphasized the Christian role of Constantine.
  5. The film's cast also includes Isabelle Blais, Louis Ferreira, Pascale Montpetit, Isabelle Cyr, Robert Higden and Domini Blythe.
  6. Hugh of Saint Victor had described the world as being the shape of Noah s Ark, and Ranulf Higden world maps were oval " ."
  7. Mr and Mrs Boffin attempt to adopt a young orphan, previously in the care of his great-grandmother, Betty Higden, but the boy dies before the adoption can proceed.
  8. Strecche's major work was a History of England, largely compiled from the " Polychronicon " of Ranulph Higden, but interspersed with accounts of the Priors of Kenilworth.
  9. He is generous in his perceptions of the labouring-poor, those, that is, who are " deserving " of such generosity; people like Betty Higden in Our Mutual Friend.
  10. According, however, to one editor, Higden's part of the work goes no further than 1326 or 1327 at latest, after which time it was carried on by two continuators to the end.


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