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  • range:    range.,-ea. 端正的,規矩 ...


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  1. The demo was a real-time implementation of noted 3D graphics researcher Paul Debevec's paper on the topic of high dynamic range rendering.
  2. "Time-Leap " utilizes various rendering techniques such as cel-shading and high dynamic range rendering in its graphics processing, resulting in a 3D environment that resembles 2D animation.
  3. In addition, " Day of Defeat : Source " has been used by Valve to present new design features on the Source engine, such as high dynamic range rendering and cinematic effects.
  4. OGRE also has a compositing manager with a scripting language and full screen video post-processing for effects such as high dynamic range rendering ( HDR ), blooming, saturation, brightness, blurring and noise.
  5. Although not stipulated by Shader Model 3.0, both ATI and Nvidia's Shader Model 3.0 GPUs introduced support for blendable FP16 render targets, more easily facilitating the support for High Dynamic Range Rendering.
  6. Croteam simultaneously developed Serious Engine 2, the successor to their previous game engine, Serious Engine, for use in the game, and the engine is capable of many features of other advanced game engines of the time including high dynamic range rendering and proprietary engine, though the Serious Engine 2 is available for licensing.
  7. These engines include realistic shader-based materials with predefined physics, environments with procedural and vertex shader-based objects ( vegetation, debris, human-made objects such as books or tools ), procedural animation, cinematographic effects ( depth of field, motion blur, etc . ), High dynamic range rendering, and unified lighting models with soft shadowing and volumetric lighting.
  8. Numerous other advanced graphical effects such as various materials for lighting, high dynamic range rendering-centric effects, bloom, crepuscular rays ( volumetric lighting ), radiosity, soft particles, pixel shader effects, alpha to coverage, post processing, Screen Space Reflection, dynamic water surfaces, procedural animation, cloth simulation, depth of field, and motion blur, are contained.


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