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  1. The main rivers are the Piura, the Huancabamba and the Chira.
  2. The name honours herpetologist Cordillera Oriental in southern Ecuador and Cordillera de Huancabamba in northern Peru.
  3. The river starts in Huancabamba Province and flows south and west into Olmos District of Lambayeque Region.
  4. On the Huancabamba, in the mountains, there is a hydroelectric power station supplying energy to the region.
  5. The middle course is between Huancabamba and the Pozuzo and its lower course between Pozuzo and the confluence with the river Pasco.
  6. However, what was pending was whether the new border around the Jaen region should follow the Chinchipe river or the Huancabamba river.
  7. The "'Huancabamba River "'has its origin in the confluence of the rivers Huaylamayo and Chontabamba in Peru.
  8. Geographically, the province has a mountainous terrain crisscrossed by the rivers of the Huancabamba-Chamaya Basin, which drain towards the Mara耋n River.
  9. The water supply project will transfer up to 2 billion m 3 annually of water from the Huancabamba River in the Cajamarca Region east of Lambayeque.
  10. The Huancabamba Depression in which the Abra de Porculla pass is located separates the northern and southern Andes and serves as a biogeographic barrier to species movement.


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