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  1. Two pairs were built for the Illinois Central Railroad, the only purchaser.
  2. Illinois Central Railroad Co ., based in Chicago, plans a solo bid.
  3. Illinois Central Railroad ceased passenger train service to the depot in 1965.
  4. The first grants were given to the Illinois Central Railroads in 1850.
  5. Originally owned by the Illinois Central Railroad, it has since been abandoned.
  6. Goshen Springs is located along a now-abandoned portion of the Illinois Central Railroad.
  7. The Illinois Central Railroad began its GP11 rebuilding program in 1978.
  8. During the 1890s, Wilson was an express messenger for the Illinois Central Railroad.
  9. He became a director of the Illinois Central Railroad in 1875.
  10. The Batesville Southwestern is controlled by the Illinois Central Railroad Company.


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