in amguel的中文翻譯

發音:   用"in amguel"造句


  1. In Amguel is located on the N1 national highway, leading north to In Salah and south to Tamanrasset.
  2. The largest nearby city is Tamanrasset; other smaller towns include In Amguel to the west and Tazrouk to the south.
  3. In Amguel lies at an elevation of on the southern bank of a " wadi " that cuts through a plateau lying to the northwest of the Hoggar Mountains.
  4. The site was laid out from 1961 onward ( on an airfield built northeast of In Amguel and base camp between the Tuareg village of In Amugel and the well in In Eker of which the border was controlled and occupied by gendarmes ).


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