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  1. In 2008 they began expanding their digital inbound marketing programs.
  2. In November, 2012 Magic Logix released an infographic about inbound marketing.
  3. Magic Logix sponsored the Inbound Marketing Summit on October 23 and 24, 2012.
  4. The company provides full phased inbound marketing, and Graphics Design as its service.
  5. Also inbound marketing allows for a more targeted traffic on websites which increases the conversion rates.
  6. MyReno411 uses inbound marketing techniques : rich content along with social media to spread the message.
  7. A recruitment marketing strategy leverages principles of inbound marketing and integrates messaging across the talent network.
  8. Honey focuses on attraction-based, inbound marketing for its telecommunication, health care and B2B clients.
  9. Within " Marketing " are several verticals ranging from inbound marketing, marketing automation, lifecycle marketing and more.
  10. Relationship marketing extends to include inbound marketing efforts, ( a combination of PR, social media and application development.


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