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  1. In 1876 he was arrested by the police in Itapicuru, Bahia, under the suspicion of being a wanted criminal.
  2. The strategic location of the region, near the capital of the Portuguese colony and next to a bowl that would enable river navigation in Itapicuru were instrumental in founding in 1637, the settlement, which then evolved to a small fortification which became known as Fort Hoop, according to van Houtte, in honor of the administrator and strong architect Adrien de Hoop.
  3. What was left was destroyed by explorers between the centuries 18th and 19th But according to the historian, it is still possible to see some rubble near the banks of the river Itapicuru, known by the Dutch as rivier van donkere heuvels in English river of black hills, features physical that relate to those found on the river Basti鉶 as it is known by the locals margin where supposedly there was a settlement and fortification.


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