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  • john:    圣約翰 若望
  • speed:    音標:[spid] n.m. [英, ...
  • speed:    音標:[spid]n.m.[英,行] ...


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  1. In John Speed's map of Cork ( 1610 ) " Holy Roe"
  2. It appears on John Speed's 1610 map as " Fernham omnium Sanctorum ".
  3. He was born in Farndon, Cheshire, England to an even older John Speed.
  4. This can be seen in John Speed's map of Flintshire.
  5. He worked as a missionary priest in Northern England, often accompanied by John Speed.
  6. Other letters or papers are in Henry V in John Speed's " Chronicle ".
  7. The first map of Dublin was produced by John Speed and is dated 1610.
  8. John Speed, the historian, saw the book through the press.
  9. A memorial to John Speed was also erected behind the altar of the church.
  10. He and John speed to the circus'next stop and arrive just in time to save Polly.


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