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  1. Since then, Playhouse executive director Lars Hansen has overseen most artistic as well as financial duties.
  2. Some of the influential Canada Basketball Alumni include Steve Nash, Leo Rautins, Stacey Dales, and Lars Hansen.
  3. It was founded in 1845 on the initiative of Lars Hansen and I . C . Dahl, to promote and display art in Trondhjem.
  4. "In Europe, it's unusual that a country leads the Bundesbank in cuts, " said Lars Hansen, a currency trader at Unibank.
  5. "It has been customary for small rate cuts instead of large cuts because it prevents speculation, " said Lars Hansen, a currency trader at Unibank.
  6. Scheinkman's recent research has focused increasingly on finance ( both applied, in his work on bubbles, and mathematical, in his work with Lars Hansen ).
  7. In a series of joint papers with Lars Hansen and other co-authors he has developed new tools for solving and testing continuous time models of financial time series.
  8. Oneiroid Psychosis was formed in 1991 by Lars Hansen simply under the name Psychosis, changed to Oneiroid Psychosis shortly after as another band with the same name was already in existence.
  9. Judson Laire appeared as the father, Lars Hansen, while Dick Van Patten was cast as the younger brother, Nels, and Robin Morgan as the younger sister, Dagmar.
  10. Wisconsin's triumph came on goals by Lars Hansen in the eighth minute and Chad Cole in the 62d minute of a game in which the Badgers had territorial domination for the most part.


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