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  1. In the Danish TV series " Kr鴑iken " ( 2004 2006 ) he was portrayed by the actor Lars Mikkelsen.
  2. This leads the pair into conflict with Charles Augustus Magnussen ( Lars Mikkelsen ), a media mogul specialising in blackmail whom Sherlock despises.
  3. They composed music for the 2014 British action thriller " Montana ", directed by Mo Ali, starring Mckell David, and Lars Mikkelsen.
  4. In November 2016, Lars Mikkelsen was nominated for a 2017 Annie Award for Outstanding Achievement, Voice Acting in an Animated Feature Production for his portrayal of Thrawn on " Star Wars Rebels ".
  5. He tells the truth to his father, Peter ( Lars Mikkelsen ), who is distraught and tells him to stay alone at the family's beach house; while there, Richard breaks down in panic over what has happened.
  6. In 2011 Henriksen, along with Sofie Gr錬鴏, S鴕en Malling, Ann Eleonora J鴕gensen, Lars Mikkelsen ( co-stars of " The Killing " ) were nominees for the Crime Thriller Awards for their work in " The Killing ".


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