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  1. He replaces Lars Nittve, who has directed the Tate Modern since its launch.
  2. In June 2010 it was announced that the executive director of the museum will be Lars Nittve.
  3. "' Lars Nittve "'( born 17 September 1953 ) is a Swedish museum director, curator, art critic and writer.
  4. "We're quite consciously trying to move away from the hierarchy between classic modernism and contemporary work, " said Tate Modern director Lars Nittve.
  5. So Serota has now taken over himself, at least temporarily, as director of Tate Modern from the man he appointed as its initial director, Lars Nittve.
  6. New Modern Museum director Lars Nittve, who was previously the director of the Tate Gallery of Modern Art in London, announced the impending closure just more than a week after assuming his position.
  7. Lars Nittve, who was appointed director of the new museum last spring after having been director of the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art near Copenhagen, Denmark, for three years, said it was not by chance that the new Tate was being built now.
  8. Lars Nittve, director of the Louisiana Museum, Denmark's largest museum of modern art, has just been named the director of the Tate Gallery of Modern Art, which is to open in an abandoned power station in the Southwark section of London in May 2000.
  9. The inaugural director, Lars Nittve, explained that the name is simply drawn from the concept of " museum and more ", and that his team has sought to move beyond the typical model of the art museum, for example by serving as a showcase of diverse subjects like architecture, film and all manner of moving images including animation and video games.
  10. In the same vein, the museum has acquired almost 100 photos of Liu Heung Shing's " China After Mao " series, including photos of the bloody aftermath of the crackdown on the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 . Museum director Lars Nittve stated that, despite a warning from pro-Beijing Legislative Councillor Chan Kam-lam " not to mix art and politics ", the museum would " not steer away " from politically sensitive issues.


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