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  1. Following his time in Larung Gar, he returned to his home monastery.
  2. Larung Gar is even larger, but is considered a monastic encampment rather than a monastery.
  3. Both officials said Khenpo Jigme's community was based in Seda rather than at Larung Gar.
  4. Army roadblocks now prevent access to the academy, known as Larung Gar, according to local accounts.
  5. On 15 December 2016, European Parliament passed a resolution against Chinese autocracies and condemned dismantling of Larung Gar.
  6. As many of the houses in Larung Gar are made of wood, they present a constant fire hazard.
  7. On 26 November 2012, a monk allegedly self-immolated in front of the golden horse statue in Larung Gar.
  8. In February 2016, a photograph of Larung Gar by Hungarian photographer Attila Balogh was shortlisted for that year s Sony World Photography Awards.


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