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  1. Therefore, if a CP exists, it does not coincide with lateralisation.
  2. Crow reported that lateralisation occurs greater in males, who undergo more severe psychosis.
  3. Cattle use visual / brain lateralisation in their visual scanning of novel and familiar stimuli.
  4. Smith, Jonides and Koeppe ( 1996 ) observed a lateralisation of DLPFC activations during verbal and visual working memory.
  5. Deficits in executive functioning and anomalous lateralisation were also identified in AJ . These cognitive deficiencies are characteristic of frontostriatal disorders.
  6. Zangwill's research interests were mainly in neuropsychology, particularly brain lateralisation, at a time when these topics were not particularly fashionable.
  7. It was proposed that this reduction in lateralisation could be due to recruitment of neurones from the opposite hemisphere to compensate for neuronal decline with ageing.
  8. In his argument, he says that schizophrenia is associated with atypical patterns of lateralisation  which is the differential functioning of the left and right cerebral hemispheres.
  9. Research includes his finding that British robins have regional dialects, a number of research articles on Seasonal Affective Disorder and various works on the cerebral lateralisation of emotion.
  10. Despite concerns with Lenneberg s original evidence and the dissociation of lateralisation from the language CP idea, however, the concept of a CP remains a viable hypothesis, which later work has better explained and substantiated.


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