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  1. Hubbell and the Yankees'Lefty Gomez had a major appeal.
  2. Yankee Lefty Gomez was the winning pitcher for the American League.
  3. -- An argument for Lefty Grove : You mean Lefty Gomez?
  4. VC : Lefty Gomez, Will Harridge, Ross Youngs.
  5. Lefty Gomez was 6-0 in four World Series with the Yankees.
  6. Lefty Gomez went 6-0 for the Yankees from 1932-38.
  7. Hall of Famers Lefty Gomez and Early Wynn are still sitting there at 300.
  8. Yankee ace Lefty Gomez lasted just one inning.
  9. Kurt played in the minors and Bing's godfather was Lefty Gomez ."
  10. Neither could Lefty Gomez and Red Ruffing.


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