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萊沃普蘭斯 (阿拉巴馬州)


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  1. The Aero Club of America chose the area for the level plains.
  2. A large number of warriors confronted the Spaniards on a level plain.
  3. It rises from a level plain to a height of 537 m.
  4. Only a minority Alevi villages are located on lush and level plains.
  5. The interior floor of Hagecius is a level plain with no significant rises.
  6. It stretches out in a level plain interspersed with numerous jhils or marshes.
  7. Within the grassland are topographic features such as level plains and rolling hills.
  8. The country from Moama to Deniliquin comprises a series of almost level plains.
  9. The fort and village of Lohari were situated in an extensive level plain.
  10. It was a fairly level plain and was very well suited to the phalanx.


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