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洛克波特市 (紐約州)


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  1. NY 3 was realigned in two locations between Lockport and Rochester.
  2. Commercial and industrial uses are concentrated in the City of Lockport.
  3. The village of Lockport decided to demolish the bridge that spring.
  4. Shawnee was renamed Lockport Air Force Station on 1 December 1953.
  5. -Lockport, N . Y . : 94 workers.
  6. Most residents commute to jobs in Niagara Falls, Lockport and Tonawanda.
  7. Children from the Lockport village will lead players onto the field Thursday.
  8. Lockport was the headquarters of the operationally defunct Illinois and Michigan Canal.
  9. Lockport also has a unique outdoor museum known as the Lincoln Landing.
  10. Eventually, the village's name would become Lockport.


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