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  • block:    block diagram 方框圖
  • block:    block diagram方框圖
  • adriaen block:    阿德里安·布洛克


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  1. Most hard disk drives released after 1996 implement logical block addressing.
  2. PC DOS 7.1 added support for Logical Block Addressing ( LBA ) and FAT32 partitions.
  3. Due to the limits of CHS addressing, a transition was made to using LBA or logical block addressing.
  4. It supports multiple executable formats and is geometry-translation independent, including support for logical block addressing ( LBA ).
  5. :The LBA refers to logical block addressing, which replaces the older cylinder-head-sector style of accessing the hard drives.
  6. Like modern MBRs, GPTs use logical block addressing ( LBA ) in place of the historical cylinder-head-sector ( CHS ) addressing.
  7. The maximum utilizable cache size on the SSD is 64 GB . Caching is done at the logical block addressing ( LBA ) level, not the file level.
  8. It uses 64-bit logical block addressing ( LBA ) which allows addressing up to 8 PiB respectively, assuming a 512-byte sector / block size ).
  9. According to Microsoft, the basic data partition is the equivalent to master boot record ( MBR ) partition types 0x0E ( FAT16 with logical block addressing ) types as well.
  10. For a later BIOS, LILO can use 32-bit " logical block addressing " ( LBA ) to access the entire capacity of the hard disks the BIOS has access to.


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