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  1. To transmit information, Serial Back-Plane technology uses a low voltage differential signaling transmission method for sending information.
  2. It could therefore take the place of the most common use of Ethernet, if it used equivalent signaling technologies ( such as Low voltage differential signaling ).
  3. :From our PCI Express article : " At the electrical level, each lane utilizes two unidirectional low voltage differential signaling ( LVDS ) pairs at 2.5 Gbit / s.
  4. Spacewire is very similar to DS-DE-02, except it uses a microminiature 9-pin " D " connector ( lower-weight ), and low voltage differential signaling.
  5. One is to reduce the operating voltage of the circuit, as in a dual-voltage CPU, or to reduce the voltage change involved in a state change ( making a state change only, changing node voltage by a fraction of the supply voltage low voltage differential signaling, for example ).


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