max lee的中文翻譯

發音:   用"max lee"造句
李浩賢 (壁球運動員)
  • max:    音標:[maks] n.m. [民] ...
  • max:    音標:[maks]n.m.[民]最大 ...
  • ava max:    艾娃·馬克斯


  1. Mohamed El Shorbagy won his first Malaysian Open trophy, beating Max Lee in the final.
  2. She married twice, first to Max Leeds, then the actor Cyril Raymond but divorced on both occasions.
  3. "We thought if we chanted at the beginning, Korea would win, " said Max Lee, 17, a high school student with spiked hair wearing a " Go Korea " shirt.
  4. In 2008 Max Lee, CEO of Eskom, announced Eskom plans to build 20 GW of nuclear power by 2025; the first station with a capacity of between 3, 300 and 4, 000 MW could be completed by 2017.


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