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  1. Melaka United's traditional fanbase comes from all over Jasin area.
  2. Melaka United are currently based at Hang Jebat Stadium in Krubong, Melaka.
  3. Melaka United are one of the most widely supported football clubs in Malacca.
  4. He is also Melaka United's topscorer in the 2016 Malaysia FAM League.
  5. "' Melaka United Football Club "'is a professional football competitions.
  6. Melaka United is preparing big budget for this season in order to achieve better position.
  7. Malacca also has a football team known as Melaka United representing Malacca in the Malaysian football league.
  8. Melaka United's regular kit colours are green and white for shirts, shorts and socks.
  9. He was immediately signed by Melaka United F . C . following their promotion to Malaysia Super League.
  10. Melaka United were eliminated in the First Round ( Round of 32 ) of the 2015 Malaysia FA Cup.


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