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mtk budapest fc
  • budapest:    布達佩斯[匈]布達佩斯( ...
  • fc:    囊性纖維變性 囊腫性纖維化 囊性纖維 ...
  • joueur du mtk budapest fc:    MTK匈格利亞球員


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  1. MTK Budapest FC won because Ferencv醨osi TC walked over.
  2. The fixture between Ferencv醨os and MTK Budapest FC is called the 謗鰇rangad?or Eternal derby.
  3. He currently plays for MTK Budapest FC.
  4. He also played for MTK Budapest FC.
  5. After playing in Hungary for MTK Budapest FC, BKV ElQre SC and BFC Si骹ok, he signed for English club Ipswich Town.
  6. In 1997, MTK Budapest FC won the competition by beating NB I 6th place BVSC Budapest in the final on May 21, 1997.
  7. "' Vaszilisz Teodoru "'( born 22 August 1962 ) is a Hungarian Greek descent, who is currently the manager of MTK Budapest FC.
  8. Most played for the army club Budapest Honv閐 FC, or for MTK Budapest FC, which, in the 1950s, was run by Hungary's secret police.
  9. At the end of the the final against MTK Budapest FC, won after a replay and with the player scoring twice in the first contest ( 3 3 draw ).
  10. Morais was essential as Sporting the final's replay game ( 3 3 in the first match ), he scored from a direct corner kick in a 1 0 win against MTK Budapest FC.


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