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  1. In 2001, ADB announced the development of an open standard set-top box middleware solution based on the Multimedia Home Platform ( MHP ) specification and established its worldwide headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.
  2. Since 2012-2013 cable customers need not pay an extra subscription to receive digital TV, but they must purchase or rent a set-top box in order to view the digital TV channels and to use the interactive services based on the Multimedia Home Platform.
  3. Although the term " teletext " tends to be used to refer to the PAL-based system, or variants, the recent availability of digital television has led to more advanced systems being provided that perform the same task, such as MHEG-5 in the UK, and Multimedia Home Platform.
  4. I have an idea for content from Wikipedia to be used on broadcast channels, broadcast using the Digital Video Broadcasting-Multimedia Home Platform system ( DVB-MHP ) of which technology there is a lot of information in the http : / / www . mhp . org webspace and the http : / / www . dvb . org webspace.


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