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  • native:    專業辭典 adj.f 【礦】自然的, ...
  • native:    專業辭典adj.f【礦】自然的,天然 ...
  • advertising age:    廣告時代


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  1. Product placement ( embedded marketing ) is a precursor to native advertising.
  2. The authors also explain two theories of why native advertising is deceptive.
  3. Native advertising can sometimes weaken the integrity of the message.
  4. It relies entirely on native advertising and sponsored content to fund its business.
  5. Does " native advertising " affect how we must treat reliable sources in the future?
  6. Airpush acquired Hubbl, a New York City-based developer of native advertising platforms, in October 2013.
  7. Chartbeat incorporated real-time analytics for video data in April 2013 and for native advertising in May 2014.
  8. In 2015, TechCrunch described Okanjo s technology as an alternative to the growing-in-popularity native advertising.
  9. Native advertising for money is far more dangerous to journalism than someone bonking ( or not ) someone for a favor.
  10. Founded in 2013 by John Lemp, the company provides native advertising and content recommendation to the media and publishing industry.


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