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  1. The specification describes a system memory structure for computer hardware vendors to exchange data between host system native command queuing ) such that host systems can utilize them.
  2. This is usually the result of more advanced controller logic on the drive performing command queuing and reordering commonly called either Tagged Command Queuing ( TCQ ) or Native Command Queuing ( NCQ ).
  3. In computing, "'Native Command Queuing "'( "'NCQ "') is an extension of the Serial ATA protocol allowing hard disk drives to internally optimize the order in which received read and write commands are executed.
  4. But it does mean that the driver can use more space ( essentially more and / or longer queues ) within the host controller itself; it may be that this is allowing it to use smart features like Native Command Queuing better, giving a higher effective throughput.
  5. Both feature PCI Express and PCI support, eight USB 2.0 ports, integrated sound, two Parallel ATA ports, and Serial ATA 3.0 Gbit / s with Native Command Queuing ( NCQ )  two SATA ports in the case of the 410, four in the 430.
  6. In SCSI and in SATA with Native Command Queuing ( but not in plain ATA, even with TCQ ) the host can specify whether it wants to be notified of completion when the data hits the disk's platters or when it hits the disk's buffer ( on-board cache ).


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